Friday, January 14, 2011

Chick-pan-dilla just doesn't like labels!

Part chickpea pancake, part quesadilla and yet filling a distinctly omelette-y role, this is something I maybe invented. Or something. This was the result of random leftovers + having secured a steady sources of locally available Daiya: two savory chickpea pancakes (aka pudla, cheela, socca or farinata depending on what country your recipe came from) made with scallions, cumin, turmeric and pepper sandwiched with white Daiya vegan cheese, chopped tomato, onion, fresh cilantro and spinach. Accompanied by some store-bought cilantro-chili chutney.

Potato Bread with Scallions

I regret that I let yeast doughs intimidate me for so long. Making bread at home is really easy, it makes your apartment smell super. Barring some crucial mishap (and I haven't had one yet, and I doubt you will) you'll have better bread than you'd be eating otherwise and you'll pay less for it.

This is from Vegan Planet by Robin Robertson. The recipe is for potato bread with chives but I used scallions and substituted whole wheat for some of the white flour in the recipe. The onion flavor was subtle, but nice. Oh, and it made a two fat, happy loaves!

The thing is-- pizza always looks good...

Nothing new, but the picture was so nice I figured I'd post:

Pizza with basil-tofu-cashew ricotta, tomato sauce, spinach, cherry tomatoes and breaded fried eggplant. Asparagus, zucchini and red onions with some olive oil, salt and pepper made in a grill pan.