Monday, January 14, 2008

In which global warming confuses my taste buds...

The random warm days apparently now sprinkled here and there this January made me seriously crave salad. It's a nice change from all the roasted root veggies and brown rice I've been consuming lately. (Truly, has there ever been a more vegan-er-ish comment than that?)

Peanut-Sesame covered Rabbit Food:

Salad: romaine, purple cabbage, shredded carrot, cucumber, scallion, chickpeas.

Dressing: peanut butter, tahini, tamari, sesame seeds, sesame oil, tangerine juice, agave nectar, sriracha, dijon mustard, black pepper, water.

Oh, and while the title is (kind of? hopefully?) a joke, I'm linking to one of the many meat = bad for the environment articles right here.


Traci Anne said...

Holy crap, that looks gooooood.

Um, yeah, can we discuss the retarded weather we've been having lately in NYC? Every day, I misjudge and end up bundled up in 55-degree weather. Ridiculous.

Jennifer said...

That salad looks so good!

I may have to try out your dressing recipe as it sounds like it would be most delish!

This is making me wish it was summer and the local greens were in season, 'cause nothing beats local produce.

I know what you mean about the weird weather though. A couple of weeks ago, we here in Mid-Missouri experienced and unseasonable warm snap. All I wanted to do was soak up the sun and make some Sun Tea.

I'm new to your blog, and love it! Your food all looks very good and you take beautiful pictures as well.

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

ooOoo that dressing sounds so freakin' great.