Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PB&J, Ginger-Chocolate, and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip with Cinnamon Icing Cupcakes

Made cupcakes for office's "Happy Designated Mid-Month Birthday Lunchbreak" party. Both of the other vegans at work were born in February, so I had to come through, plus my baking was subsidized by the petty cash box. Oh, I *have* come a long way baby, I have. Now, why do you ask?

The trio in all their glory: PB&J are the Fluffy White Cupcakes from Schmooed Food that always seem to come out perfectly topped with VCTOTW peanut butter frosting, which, if made correctly (use the mixer for the correct amount of time people) comes out super awesome. They are also filled with organic raspberry jam of course. Also pictured are the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Cinnamon Icing from Vegan Cupcakes take over the World. I had been skeptical that these would be muffin-y, but behold, very cake-y and the extreme cinnamon goo on top was a nice compliment. Finally we have Ginger-Chocolate Cupcakes which are just the basic chocolate recipe from VCTOTW with a ginger infused ganache topped with chopped crystallized ginger. They look very classy-like but are quite simple to pull off.

Here is a shot of the PB&J cakes sliced open. Look at the cute little "v" I made by scooping cones out of the cake tops, filling the holes with jam and re-inserting the cake bit. It was um, so intentional...


Jackie said...

The V stands for vag, right?

Regardless, they look tasty (the cupcakes, hehe).

Liz² said...

for a second I was all like, "how'd she make that LETTER inside a cupcake???" and then I was "oh, right, the top-hat method, of course." Except that when I do it, I get a big blobby middle part and not a letter V, so I think you deserve some credit here. :D

T said...

OMG those look like heaven! And this is just in time for a cupcake party I am going to next week! Thanks for the great post.

Lauri Ann said...

Thanks for stopping by my site so I could learn about yours. I'm going to pass you onto my daughter for some ideas and it wouldn't hurt me (well maybe a little.LOL)to go meatless once in awhile myself.
I see what you mean about "a lot of cupcakes" LOL, and they all look sooo good!

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