Monday, October 12, 2009

Kitty pic for a good cause!

"Simone here, Jill's adorable rescue kitty here sporting my 'treats nao bish plz' face to remind you to please adopt an animal and to never ever patronize fly-by-night puppy mills and pet shops! 4 million adoptable cats and dogs are put down each year in shelters. I'm one example of an awesome rescued cat. I was found dumped in an abandoned part of the city, and then after I was rescued, I waited a whole year in a crowded cat rescue before I got a real home. Even after I found my home, I hid for weeks from the humans in the house because I was a scaredy-kitty, but now I *love* snuggling with my people, watching wildlife documentaries (OK, sometimes I fantasize about being a cheetah or a lioness!), meeting new visitors and obvs-- TREATS."

It's almost Halloween, when, sadly, many black cats are adopted as props or pranks nationwide and soon after discarded or worse, hurt because they're no longer "needed" for "decorations." Black cats (and black dogs) are already less likely to find a permanent home (seriously!) so give them a second look when you're out looking for a furry friend. Even if you have your heart set on a particular breed, there are lots of purebred animals in shelters and there are also plenty of breed-specific rescue organizations you can contact too. Just because an animal is in a shelter doesn't mean there is anything wrong with them. This campaign from Animal Care & Control of NYC does a good job of illustrating that. All these animals are "guilty" of is wanting some love!

Adopt A Pet, Save a life!
Black dog syndrome/ black cat syndrome


keesa said...

Adorable. I have a black cat that I found on the streets last October.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. I wish more people understood. I have a black cat myself and keep him securely locked inside to make sure no one gets any ideas around Halloween or on the 4th of July. Good job. Yours looks absolutely darling.

Anonymous said...

I think it is great that you are getting the message out! These creatures are NOT disposable!! I found a black kitty dying in my flower garden last summer. He was one of those abandoned "throw-aways" casualty. Abandoned by a neighbor that moved. After many trips to the vet, and weeks of rest/food/love. The lil guy would crawl, dragging himself past the food for some affection. I am happy to report that he is one fine looking guy these days. He has grown tall, walks proud, uses those golden eyes to demand treats (you have cats-you know how it is), and knows where all the best spots are for getting the morning sun. And pesters the older feline (also a rescue that I found starving and injured 3 years ago)who has to put him in his place occasionally. I am disabled and they both bring me great joy! These guys don't belong loose outside. My black one picked up bacteria in his lungs from being outside--nearly killed him.
Kittiestoo :)