Sunday, October 7, 2007

More cookies!

So I went to a vegan baby shower this weekend. It was awesome; I met so many vegans and had a great time. There was a ton of dessert, so I don't know how many people ate these at the party ate cookies when there was a midblowingly cute tower of vegan cupcakes, the gold standard of vegan baked goods: the peanut butter bomb cake from Vegan Treats as well as some sort of yummy homemade chocolate pie with a cookie crust. A plethora of vegan desserts is always a-ok by me though. Anyway, here are almond apricot tea cookies from How it all Vegan, some chocolate chip cookies revamped from a Compassionate Cooks recipe and some raspberry jam thumbprints from a veg web recipe I think I'm going to work on a bit. Oh, and the food was catered by Red Bamboo in Brooklyn (including mango "chicken" salad, yum) and there was much Yeungling for all. Burp.

Congrats vegan parents; that's one very lucky baby, thanks so much for inviting me!


Douglas said...

oh man i want some of everything you just mentioned!!!!!!!!!!!

i miss ny soo much. sooo many places to go eat :)

where in ny are you? do you go to candle cafe or candle 79 ever? blossom?

Pink Theory said...

A vegan baby shower!? How awesome! The thumbprint cookies looks yummy!

Dark Faerie said...

THe cookies were fabulous...I was in dessert overload for days! Thanks for celebrating our baby to be with us!!!!