Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The x-mas baking post!

It's been so much fun looking at everyone's holiday baking, sorry my post is a bit after the fact but I was still baking pretty late on Christmas Eve.

Here is the big Christmas dessert platter: pine nute & anise cookies, sugar cookies and lemon bars from Joy of Vegan Baking plus peppermint-chocolate cupcakes inspired by Vegan Dad (chocolate cupcakes recipe from VCTOTW and buttercream from JOVB with peppermint candies and peppermint extract.) Everything was yummy, though the sugar cookie dough was a little difficult to work with. Using a little bit of water did help though.

Banana chocolate chip muffins from JOVB: totally perfect and fluffy!

Pumpkin bread from JOVB again, this time with walnuts and cranberries.


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

How did you like the lemon bars? They're on my "to make" list, but I also considered the V-con recipe for them.

Liz² said...

mmm, pine nut and anise seed? killer! and the spread looks gorgeous.