Sunday, August 26, 2007

Candle Cafe

Spoiled city vegan that I am I figure I may as well start posting about some of the bitchin' vegan meals I consume outside of my kitchen. (Not that you guys need it what with Super Vegan and their magical restaurant index). My awesome new vegan friend Melissa took me out to lunch at Candle Cafe over the weekend and she was gracious enough to let me take some food pornography before we dug in.

I had the Walnut Crusted Seitan served over french lentils, with broccolini, green and white beans. It was plated with some lovely golden sauce. I wish I had the menu description but alas, it was a daily special. I did not think the seitan tasted especially nutty and it could've been a tad crisper. That is seriously nit-picking though-- this was really very yummy.

Melissa had "Aztec Salad: Bi-color quinoa, black beans, red onions & corn topped with spiced pumpkin seeds and barbequed grilled tempeh. served over mixed field greens with a toasted cumin vinaigrette." I didn't try it, but it looks amazing, right?

Overall Candle Cafe ( Candle 79's more accessible little sibling) was great: a diverse menu, good service, classy vegan food, cute atmosphere. Check out their menu online, it's really fantastic. All this don't come cheap however, and (like Kate' Joint, Gobo and Viva Herbal Pizzeria) their soy cheese has casein in it. Maybe we can put an end to all this madness once Cheezly is finally in town. Preview: I've already pre-ordered some from Vegan Essentials; I'll let you know if that stuff lives up to its reputation.

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