Monday, August 13, 2007

Farmers Market Greens

It's summer and the farmer's market rocks. See how happy this little tomato is? Aww. I stole it from some other vegan bloggers.

Anyway, you eat your green leafies every day, right my Informed Reader? Of course, I know, who doesn't, right? (Nervous laugh.) Well, somehow it seems I've gone 22 years of life having never cooked chard. Jackie, my unlikely accomplice at last week's farmers' market outing (we love her... but girl can't cook to save her life) insisted I get some of the pretty, pretty rainbow chard for purely superficial reasons. Luckily I took her up on it and I've finally cooked it. I roasted the chopped stems at 400 degrees for about 10-15 minutes with a little canola spray and salt. I cooked the greens on the stovetop with more canola and salt as well as lemon zest, black pepper, red chile flakes and toasted pignoli. I combined the two and it couldn't have made a prettier dish.


Vincent Guihan said...

Chard is one of my favourite greens. It's great in soup. Your brownies look really yummy. If you want something fudgy, you might want to try Matt Amsden's recipes for coconut fudge in rawvolution.

Jackie said...

I like the shout out!

. . . But I must make a complaint: you made the chard without me! Now I'll never get to taste the prettiest vegetable at the farmers market!

Nadia A. said...

chard looks yummy. I think I'll try cooking with it someday.

My hubby and I have been vegan for only 6 months now, and I've just started cooking with spinach. Growing up in a carnivorous family (seriously, my mother said meat had "happy chemicals") I never knew veggies would taste so good.