Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bitchin' Vegan Test Kitchen

Here is a spicy jalepeno burger I tested for Joni Marie of Just The Food . Smothering a veggie burger in nacho cheez = brilliant idea, damn. She already has one cookbook out called Cozy Inside with lots of comfort food recipes. You can buy it in print or download it at a reduced cost-- another good idea! This recipe is for a book of 101 veggie burgers. Whoa.

And here is some veggie cream cheez spread made for Melody of the beautiful Melo Meals blog. This is hands down my favorite homemade cheez recipe. Really Melody, genius, I think tofutti is gonna come after you though. I can't give it out obviously (you'll just have to wait for her book!) but if you ask really, really nicely I might make you some... if I don't eat it all first.


Melody Polakow said...

I'm glad you liked it! .. and thanks for reminding me about Joni's cookbook.. I totally forgot about it.. I'm going to buy it!.. and 101 veggie burgers!!.. that is an amazing cookbook in the making.

jonimarie said...

Thanks for the plug :)

Check out the updated jalapeno burger recipe on the test blog...i think you'll like it.

Your picture looks way better than mine!!!