Monday, August 20, 2007

CARE rejects U.S. "Monetized Food Aid"

While the Farm Bill is being debated in Congress, the international repercussions of our seemingly contradictory agriculture subsidies and unabashed faith in the "free market" ('cause that part is only for poor people, k?) have lately become apparent. The international NGO CARE announced that the U.S.'s "help" does more harm than good. It's not just about dumping unhealthy food on WIC recipients and kids in the school lunch program here at home anymore. We also ship out grain to poor countries--and instead of distributing it to *hungry* people--we specify that it must be sold on the market (inevitably to those who can afford it.) While sales theoretically fund further development, you can't feed that to starving people any time soon--and CARE doesn't have much faith in the long-term vision anyhow.

Read more at Daily Kos:
CARE Rejects Millions in U.S. Food Aid (they're fed up)

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Jason said...

I was tres happy when I heard about this.